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14 February 2007 @ 06:14 am
My name is Karl. I'm in love with Alexandra Linus. Unfortunately for me, her father is the boss of the island dwellers known as the Others.

Because Ben hates me, I was being held at the Hydra Station along with Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. When I first met Sawyer, I initially refused attempts at conversation, except for offering advice about not pushing a button (which Sawyer ignores, only to receive a powerful electric shock, the fool). Later, I tried to find out how far away Sawyer's camp might be. I then picked the lock of my cage and then I freed Sawyer.

I told Sawyer to run in a certain direction, while I would run another, but we were both caught and returned to our cages. I was beaten up before they brought me back to the cages. Tom brought me up close to Sawyer's cage and forced me to apologize, for involving him in my escape attempt.

Alex loves me and she tried to find me. She was lucky enough to find Sawyer and Kate during their escape attempt and they saved me from room 23, where I was held; in a small cell, strapped to a chair while drum and bass music was blaring and flashing images on a screen in front of me had me in a vegetative state. I was lucky that they were able to free me.

Alex gave Kate and Sawyer her boat, and we escaped. I was forced to say goodbye to the love of my life. Juliet did not allow Alex to escape with us.

This journal is for Friends Only.

It will be used for role-playing purposes in the


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